It Ma(t)Ters is a great platform for doctoral researchers and early career scientists in the field of microbiology to promote their research, exchange ideas, discuss science, and extend their network in a professional and casual atmosphere.

The It Ma(t)Ters Conference started in 2017 as an initiative from doctoral researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology (Marburg) and the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology (Bremen). This conference is organized by doctoral researchers and for doctoral researchers and has since facilitated many fruitful scientific discussions in a lively and interactive environment between the different researchers and institutes.

Participation is free of charge aside from travel costs, should be reimbursed by your IMPRS or institute in years where it takes place in person.  You can participate without submitting, although submission is, of course, highly encouraged.

Where does the name It Ma(t)Ters come from?
We get this question a lot!

The name comes from a backronym (back-breviation?) for Marine and Terrestrial microbiology. The name has taken on many typographic styles, including it-matters, IT MATTERS, it MaTers, and most commonly, It Ma(t)Ters. For ease of searching for the right e-mails, we have opted for e-mail communications to have in the subject “IT MATTERS”.

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